Me on Monday - 3 April 2023

Yay!!  It's half term and oh boy am I ready for it.  Since we increased by 35 pupils in September it has been full on.  Not helped by Covid still doing the rounds and all four of us, in the office, being off at one point or another with some lurgy or other.

In the last few weeks........

1.  I have organised two Easter craft afternoons for the children and their parents.  They all had a lovely time and are looking forward to coming back again in December.

2.  I had to go to the emergency dentist as I managed to get an infection in a back tooth, which was so painful.  Two lots of antibiotics later and it's on the mend.  I have to see my own dentist to get it checked out but can't see her until the middle of May!

3.  I had to cancel the blood donors for tomorrow, as you have to be 14 days clear of antibiotics before you can donate.

4.  I learned that Blue does not like being in the house by himself and literally howls at the moon until someone comes home.  He misses his brother, if Innes goes out in the garden without him.

5.  I also learned that Blue likes to sit on the bed and gaze out of the window whilst I'm at work, and hubby is working from home.  Hmmm.  Not too happy about that.

6. I was at the hairdressers again and have kept the blonde.  I'm really loving the colour at the moment.

7.  We have finished watching Night Agent on Netflix and The Bay on ITV.  Both very good programmes and as usual I didn't figure out the bad guy!

8.  I went to see the Dungeons and Dragons movie with S.  There were 6 of us in the cinema all together.  Reg-John Page was in it.  He of the Bridgerton fame.  So what's not too like?

9.  And finally I had a weird alien looking blob taken of my left ear.  The doc said it's nothing to worry about so I'm happy about that.

And that's about it for now.  We're off to Scotland on Wednesday (S is looking after the boys) so see you on the other side.



  1. You are busy! Sorry about the tooth. That is the worst. I didn't know there was a Dungeons and Dragons movie. Thanks for the run down. Makes me feel like I'm not the only person going full tilt.

    1. The D & D film was very good, despite me knowing nothing about the game itself!

  2. Have a wonderful time in Scotland. It will be a good place to relax and recuperate from your ear and tooth problems.

    1. Scotland was amazing but the drive was sooooooo long :0)

  3. Glad that you were able to get that infected tooth seen too & medication to clear up the infection. That can affect your entire body. You have had a very busy week, so the get away for Easter to Scotland should be just what the doctor ordered, especially with the removal of an alien blob from the ear (col). Poor Blue, such separation anxiety.

    1. Tooth is better, but I still can't see a dentist about it until the 16 May!! Blue's anxiety is still no better but we keep persevering.


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