Weekend catch up

What a quick fortnight it's been.  That's the trouble when you're confined to barracks, the time just gets away from you and before you know it, it's Sunday and you have work tomorrow.  Still, knowing that it's only six weeks until the summer holidays does help.

Last week consisted of having the bathroom done, spring cleaning the kitchen, walking the boys, shrub buying and planting, baking, reading and sitting out on the deck.  Mixed in with a little laundry.

We spent part of Sunday afternoon at Goredale Garden Centre where we saw lots of lovely garden items for when the back garden is finished.  Wouldn't it be lovely if it looked like this?

The bathroom is going to take a few days longer than planned so I've worked Thursday this week so I can have Tuesday off next week.  Hubby will work from home on Monday and all being well we will be finished by Tuesday night.

I think my day off next Thursday will be one big dusting session, as everything has a layer of dust on it at the moment.

I hope you've all had a pleasant week.



  1. you will be so happy when it is done!! it's a lot of work, during and after but so well worth it!!

    1. Hi Debbie, Thankfully we can see the light at the end of the tunnel now.


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