Hello from Innes & Blue

Well hello.  We thought we'd sneak onto mom's blog and introduce ourselves.  We're Innes and Blue and we're 13 month old black Labradors.

Here we are just chillin' and surveying the building site at the bottom of the garden.

I'm Innes and I'm the stroppy teenager.  I like to do things at my own pace and when I want to.  I like helping dad retrieve the canvas dummies he keeps leaving in fields.  He says I'm really fast and collect them like a pro.  I do have a few problems doing as I'm told and I'm still a little confused when dad shouts "go back".  Go back where?  I haven't been anywhere yet!!
I love my brother, but sometimes he gets annoying so I like to go off and lie by myself.  I like to be on the sofa too sometimes, but I like my head on the arm and not against dad like Blue does.
I'm the one who jumps up in the kitchen and steals things off the side.  I do like a good shopping list!!
and I'm also the one who whinges the most.  Like all the time!!

I'm Blue.  I'm the "Happy Piddler" and can't help it if a little bit leaks out when I get excited.  Everyone says I'm the handsome one (but don't tell my brother).  I'm also still a puppy.  I like to chase Mr Ball and I get scared of things I haven't seen before.  I haven't learned to piddle on three legs yet and won't be a clean boy when I'm out for a walk.
I do like to help dad collect the dummies though.  Especially if I have to jump over a fence or swim a pond to get them.
I bark at 2am, most mornings, just so someone will come down and see me.  I like to know that they are still in the house.
I love to sit on the sofa with my head in dad's lap, but I'm not really fussed whose lap it is, so long as I can lie on someone.

Whooops!!  Got to go.  It was nice to meet you.  We'll have to catch up again soon.


  1. Innes & Blue I am SO pleased to meet you both. You are both so handsome. Glad to read that you are both doing well with picking up the dummies & retrieving them back to Dad. And you would be most welcomed to lay your heads in my lap anytime & I would tell you the tale of our black Labrador, Sammy, that we had when I was growing up.

    1. Blue would spend all day sitting on your lap listening to tales of Sammy. Innes? Not so much. He's very much his own dog :0)


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