Me on a Monday 3 July 2023

It was a slightly cooler and windy weekend, and Saturday was, as my Nana used to say, a good drying day.  We've been so used to lovely sunny days, we'd almost forgotten what an English summer was like.

The biggest news from last week was that our school had an Ofsted inspection.  There has been a lot of controversy about Ofsted recently, after a headteacher from another school, took her own life earlier this year.  Our school has been expecting an inspection since 2021, but due to Covid everything was delayed.  Both inspectors were very nice and met with all staff on day one to let us know which areas they would be focusing on and issued us with a timetable.  Our admin section, thankfully went first (always good advice) and it all seemed to go well.  The rest of the school was looked at over the next two days.  We have to wait until at least the middle of August before the report is available, so there will be a bit of an anxious wait until then.  Fingers crossed they thought we were doing a good job.

On Saturday hubby took Blue, training.  It's a gun dog training class and Blue was the youngest.  Lets just say he bulldozed his way through the two hours!!

We did some decorating.  The wall on the landing, where the old toilet door used to be, needed a coat of paint.  It's just a temporary fix as we will re-decorate the hall, stairs and landing once everything else is done upstairs.  We also painted the utility room.  It still needs a new floor but, again, that's a job for another day as it also needs a new back door.  The jobs on this house just seem to be never ending.

Next week we have two strike days coming up. One on Wednesday and one on Friday.  Our school has normally been open to pupils as some teachers weren't in the union that was on strike.  This time though the school is closed, completely, to staff and pupils.  We have on-line training to do but it basically means I only have a two day week next week.  What to do with myself?



  1. Well done Blue on his training. Is this all for eventual duck or other bird hunting? Upgrading and/or improving the home is definitely in the realm of money pit isn't it. This year we have had a number of things that need major maintaining attention & costs. As Mr Man says, we are doing our bit to stimulate the economy! What to do during the extra time out of the school ... do I hear the rustle of crochet hooks & wool?? (col).

  2. You've earned a two day week after an Ofsted inspection! The trouble with decorating or renovating one room in the house is that it has a knock on effect on everywhere else. It's amazing how even just a fresh coat of paint can make a difference!

  3. It is so interesting to hear about your school system. We also have reviews by the department of education. Ours is sometimes after July. Do you have any semester breaks or do you go year around? I bet hunting class was fun for Blue. Our Ella was such a good bird hunter and always looked so accusingly when she would find a grouse on our walks and we didn't hold up our end and shoot it.


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