Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt 2023 - Part 1


2023 Summer Scavenger Hunt / Search Ideas

1. A Plant/Tree With Thorn(s)

2. A  Wordless Directional Sign

3. Something Netted or Webbed

4. Something Berry Berry Delicious

5. A Bridge

6. A School

7. Something That Dangles

8. Some Shadows

9. A Crack or Pothole in The Road or Sidewalk

10. A White Flower(s)

11. Extraordinary Water 

12. Summer Tools

13. A Sold or For Sale Sign (not necessarily a house)

14. Something That Rolls

Alternate A: Your Favourite Summer Taste

Alternate B: Your Choice

I have to admit to not doing a lot of hunting for this years list so far.  I have the list in my bag, but don't remember to take it out to see what it is I'm looking for!!  So far I have..........

3.  Something netted or webbed.  This is the builders netting we have at the bottom of the garden.  It's there to stop the boys trampling all over the wood and bricks that hubby needs for his next projects.

4.  Something Berry Berry Delicious.  As we'd all done really well in the Ofsted inspection the Boss bought us Danish, cakes and fruit as a treat.  What a Boss we have.

9.  A crack or pothole in the road or sidewalk.  This is also from the garden.  Until all the building work is done, our garden will continue to be one big paved area. And with those paving slabs come all the weeds!!  Weeding is on my list of things to do.  As soon as it stops raining.

10.  A white flower(s).  This is a new plant I bought for the front garden this year.  I have no idea what it is but the flowers are very dainty and grow in pretty clumps.

I'm hoping to get a few more from the list whilst we're in Yorkshire at the end of this week.


  1. Thanks Liz for joining in the SPSH. I really like your plants growing through the crack in the paving stones; nature will have her way! Yes indeed what a kind boss lady; YUM. Very pretty white flowers.

  2. Some great finds! I, too, like the photo of the weeds growing through the crack in the pavers. And that Danish with the berries looks delicious!


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