The Great Yorkshire Show

Last week was mainly about the Great Yorkshire Show.  An agricultural show held every year in Harrogate, Yorkshire.  It's held on week days (Tues to Fri)  but still has approx 35,000 visitors a day.  It celebrates the very best of British Farming and agriculture.  And as a small country we have a lot to celebrate.  Our farmers are amazing and need support to keep being amazing.

We took out a membership this year, as it was cheaper than two day tickets and two grandstand tickets.  We could use the members area, get into the grandstand anytime of day (there was so much going on we didn't see it all), and get 10% off drinks and food.  It also meant not having to queue for the ladies loo!!  It came in handy on the second day, as it rained most of the day, and it meant we could go indoors to have our lunch.

The show is 250 acres of animals and machinery.  We saw cow's, sheep, pigs, gundogs, horses, crafts and produce.  There was so much to see, that we still didn't see everything in the two days we were there.

The shire horses were amazing as were the carriage racers.

There were cows as far as the eye could see. 

You've got to love a cattle parade.  3500 cows in total at the show.  Wow!!  They parade twice a day for the four days.  That must take some preparation on behalf of the handlers, so respect to them.

There were prize winning pigs.

Sheep with curly horns and shaggy coats

And the star of the day, Lorenzo from France.  Never heard of him but he was really good.  He runs a team of up to 14 horses, single handed.  The horses are amazing (I wasn't too bothered about him) and knew exactly what to do and when to stop, when to join back in and when to leave the arena.  Hubby wasn't that fussed, but I thought they were brilliant.

All in all we had a great time and the weather didn't phase us at all.  Waterproofs and umbrellas are standard issue for a British summer.   

Will we go next year?  Difficult to say, as I might be having my surgery by then.  Fingers crossed for both.



  1. That is very much like our state fairs. When I was a kid there was so much you couldn't see it all. I grew up on a ranch so I truly appreciate that you support your farming community. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Our farmers seem to get such a raw deal. They need all the support they can get.

  2. This looked like a great weekend. Most of our farming festivals are done in the Autumn to show case harvest. I'm always amazed at how cleaned up the cattle get (col). Lorenzo looks like he has a real trust & connection with his horses.

  3. Ha Ha. Me too. I've never seen such clean cows!! You would have liked Lorenzo. The horses (who are obviously very well trained) just knew exactly what to do, and did it for him.


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