Crochet Update

It's been a while since I've done any crochet.  I just don't seem to have been in the mood.

I have about five or six things on the go and made the decision the other day to crack on and get them done.  

I finished a baby blanket that I was asked to make for one of the ladies at work.  Her niece is due a little boy in October so I had plenty of time, but thought it best to get it done and handed over.  Made with Stylecraft Special DK. It's an Attic24 Spike stitch pattern.

I finished a Christmas Elf for my DiL.  She'd a huge Leeds United fan so I had to go white, yellow and blue. Also Sytlecraft special DK. Pattern by Olga Chemerys

I'm also working on my Sophie's Universe, using the gorgeous Scheepjes wool I got with my Christmas voucher at Wool Warehouse. Pattern by Dedri Uys.

My Christmas blanket is finished but all those pesky ends need sewing in and she needs blocking, as she's a bit wibberly.  Stylecraft Special DK with several patterns.  Colours by Attic24. Granny Squares by Janie Crow, some bits by me and the border is by the talented Jen Tyler. 

A Virus shawl is finished.  Made with King Cole Curiosity in Mother of Pearl. Pattern origin unknown.

And an asymmetric, Boomerang Scarf ,which I've just finished but have no idea how to wear it!!  It's also King Cole Curiosity but in Creme Brulee.  Pattern by Annie Design Crochet

And finally the ongoing Hexie blanket which I started in March 2022.  This is definitely my Work in Progress blanket.   Stylecraft Special DK with pattern by Jen Tyler.


  1. All Gable Crochet projects are gorgeous. I like the pattern "stitch" of the virus shawl, it's very delicate & soft.

    1. Thank you. I love the virus shawl. It's easy to do whilst watching TV and the wool I use is a colour change one so the end result is different every time.

  2. Your crochet projects are so beautiful - I am always inspired by the work that you share with us.

    1. Thank you, you're very kind. I find a lot of patterns via Ravelry and a lot of them come with "How To" videos so it makes it much easier to follow :0)


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