Great Yorkshire Show - Best in Show

We met a lovely group of wood turners in the craft tent and spent about an hour chatting to them.  

Darrell Rushworth, an old timer, made this absolutely beautiful bowl.  It's made from an Australian burl, like the one hubby uses, but he's turned it so it is extremely light and thin.  In my opinion it should have won first prize and for me was the Best in Show.

Darrell told us that you can enter as many items as you like, into the competition, but you can only win one prize.  I suppose that gives those who are just starting out, a chance to win against those who have been doing it for years.  I imagine in the past that the old timers won everything in sight.  Darrell got 2nd prize for the bowl in the top left.  

So many beautiful things and they didn't mind spending the time explaining to hubby how they made it.  He in turn gave them details of the wood supplier he uses.  Such is the nature of the craft.  Everyone is so friendly, and complimentary of each others work.  

They told us about a young lad, Freddie McGuire (in his early 20s), just starting out with his business.  Freddie makes amazing bowls and then decorates them with electricity (Lichtenberg Burning).  Due to using electric he wasn't allowed to demonstrate, but he did have a stall where we could see some of his work and it's just stunning.

I really hope his business takes off, as he really is very talented.


  1. Now that is true craftsmanship. There's something very tactile about pieces like that isn't there?

  2. What vision and patience he must have.

    1. The phot0s really don't do justice to their talent.


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