Me on a Monday - 28 Aug 23

Oh Boy!! Only one more week to go then it's back to work.

I had my, back to work soon, haircut and got my grey coloured last week.  I also had a few layers put in and my hair feels so much better.  

On Saturday I went, with friends, to the Royal Court in Liverpool to see  A Greasy Spoon - a story about two cafe workers who have just murdered their boss!!  It was absolutely hilarious from the very start.  I wasn't sure what to expect as it's a long time since I've seen anything other than a musical at the theater, but it was brilliant.

The boys went for their weekly gun dog training and did really well.  Both boys went this week and each one waited patiently for their turn.  One advantage of this is, they sleep really well Saturday night, as they are shattered.

I had an offer from Hello Fresh to get 5 meals, for two, for £24.00.  Not being one to pass up an opportunity like that, I ordered five meals that looked easy to cook and they were delivered at the weekend.  Now I just need to cook them!!

Sunday was a bit of a driech day in the afternoon, so I set too sorting out all the odds and ends of wool I had lying about in various places.  I got the wool winder out and was surprised by how many colours I had in various bags.  I probably have enough for a few more baby blankets and possibly a scarf or two.

Bank holiday saw us at the Cheshire Game & Country Fair in Tabley, near Warrington.  It's not far from Tatton Park, the National Trust house we like to visit.  In true British summer tradition, it rained and got cold, but we were prepared with layers and waterproofs, plus walking boots.  We got to see the gun dogs, the steam engines, chainsaw carving, falconry plus loads more.  I was just a shame that the ground looked like we should be at a festival instead of a game fair.

British summer time = Never too far from a pair of wellies.


  1. Your dog boys look the picture of relaxation (lol). Nothing like hair trimmed & coloured to make you feel ready to face the world. The play sounds fun.

    1. I always think that if they are comfortable to lie like that they must trust us. :0)

  2. Back to school always means looking neat and tidy for the first day whether you are staff or student!
    Us Brits are experts at the art of layering and always having an emergency pair of wellies in the car 'just in case' aren't we?

    1. We also have umbrella's in the car and in our bags :0)

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