Spam Calls and Emails

Did you know that this week alone I have won an Airfryer, two ring doorbells, countless vouchers for supermarkets, been in an accident and am due a refund from HMRC for my tax.

Not bad for someone who doesn't enter competitions, pays tax monthly and hasn't had an accident.

I have blocked the numbers that called and marked the emails as spam, but I have a feeling that they will be back.

My way of looking at it is.  If the person knows me, their number will be in my phone and their name will appear when they call or text.  If it's just a random number I don't answer it.  

At the moment though, I am having to answer the ones that say Unknown Caller as it's usually the hospital.

What about you?  Have you won anything interesting that you didn't know about or had any random calls recently?


  1. Apparently they are withdrawing my Amazon Prime as the direct debit didn't go through. Strange that, I don't have Amazon Prime!
    It's such a shame that medical facilities don't have a way of indicating it is a bonafide call isn't it?

    1. I have a number for the hospital that I can phone, but it doesn't come up on the display when they call. It's very annoying.

  2. I haven't won anything in a long time. What was the accident? Hope you are ok.

    1. I haven't won anything either it's all a scam to get my details. I was, apparently, in a car accident, which again is not true. It seems to be big business over here, to try and scam people by telling them they are owed money or goods. I wish they would stop.


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