Me on a Monday - 11 September 2023

We had quite a few misty mornings last week.  A sure sign, I think, that Autumn is on it's way.

It was a quite week at work, as the children weren't back into school until Thursday.  That meant we had time to prepare all the necessary paperwork etc and I could catch up with six weeks worth of invoices.

I joined the gym and have booked a few classes for this Thursday when I'm not in work.  I've got Tai Chi in the morning and Zumba in the evening.  Not sure how fit I am, but we'll soon find out.

I heard back from the dentist.  My referral was rejected, twice, by the hospital and I now have to go and have the tooth removed at my normal dentist (as I first suggested) on 21 September.  I'm hoping it will cure the neuralgia I have at the moment, as it's like having electric shocks on your face.  Not pleasant at all.

On Sunday we went to the Welsh Game Fair - in Bangor, North Wales.  It was only the second year that the Vaynol Estate had hosted the Game Fair so it didn't take long to look around.  I'd say it's more of a "Doing" game fair than a "Mooching" one.  But as they say, you have to start somewhere.

We got to watch the Gundog teams from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, take part in day two of their test and when we left, Ireland were winning.  I'm not sure who won at the end but all their dogs were amazing.

England Team
There was also clay pigeon shooting, fishing, ferrets, spaniels, horses and hounds.  The weather held so it was an enjoyable few hours.

Back home I did some ironing and tackled the job I dislike the most - the windows.

At work, it's the first full week, next week, with all the children in, so it's bound to be busy, but at least I have a trip to York to look forward next weekend.



  1. The finished fence in the front garden is such a showcase for the rest of the garden. Hopefully your own dentist can get your dental woes sorted quick as - facial electrical shocks cannot be fun or good for concentrating at work.

    1. I will have my fingers and toes crossed next week, for when the tooth comes out. :0)

  2. Yes, your fence looks fabulous. What is the difference between a doing and a mooching game fair? I'm glad your easing vmback into school. We go year around. I guess no rest for the wicked.

    1. Doing would be taking part in the shooting, fishing, gundog scurries that kind of thing and mooching would be leisurely wandering around watching the sports and looking at all the stands. We are just back to work after six weeks summer holidays. I know in Texas they had 11 weeks in the summer and then very few longer holidays, but in the UK we spread it out over the year. It works out pretty much the same as the USA, but without the nice weather :0)

  3. There definitely are signs that Autumn is approaching and that misty feel is one of them that I've noticed too.
    I do hope you get that tooth sorted soon, you've been in pain long enough!

    1. I'm off to the dentist today so fingers crossed.


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