Me on Monday - 25 Sep 2023

What a wet and windy weeks it's been.  Definitely time to dig those jumpers out.  Brrrr!!

This week 

I booked into a line dancing, exercise class at the gym.  I'm hoping it's all set to country music.

There was date night with hubby.  We went to the cinema  to see A Haunting in Venice.  I've told him that when we go to Venice, we're only going out in the day and staying in the hotel at night.  Too many spooky goings on in the dark for me :0)

I made it to the dentist and the tooth is now sorted, but I have to keep a diary for the next four weeks to keep an eye on the neuralgia.  If it's still bothering me, I have to let the dentist know and she will do another referral to the hospital. 

Whilst Innes was out dog training, Blue helped me with my blog post.

Innes and Blue went for their first booster.  They were absolutely hyper seeing the lovely ladies at the vets.   As usual, the vet was totally in love with Blue.  But then he is a gorgeous boy.

More fence building was done and there are now only two panels to go before it's finished.  As with most neighbourhood fences, one neighbour is going to get the "wrong" side.  Our lovely neighbour on the left, has asked hubby if he would panel her side too as she doesn't like the wrong side.  He said he would, so it now means the job will take a bit longer.  Hubby has also said that once the old shed comes down, he will panel our wrong side, with our other lovely neighbour on the right.  This small fencing job has turned into a marathon.

The microwave blew up on Saturday, blowing the fuses and cutting the power to half the house.  Luckily the fuses were easily fixed and a new microwave was ordered.

We made a decision about going to York in November.  As it's the start of the Christmas markets that weekend, all the hotel prices have shot up, so we are just going for the day.  It's only a 2 hour drive so not too much hassle. 

I made Cinnamon, Hifi, Pears from Slimming World.  I won all the ingredients in the raffle, at club on Saturday so thought I'd give it a go for Sunday lunch.  Recipe to follow.

I wonder what next week will be like?



  1. Thank goodness you were able to get your tooth problem sorted & let's hope that goes a long way to help relieve and/or solve the neuralgia. Innes does look like a great helper. How kind of your husband to ensure neighbours on either side are happy.

    1. Fence building starts this weekend. If the wood arrives.


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