Me on a Monday - 4 September 2023

And just like that the holidays are over.  Where the time has gone I just don't know.  

I feel like have wasted the last six weeks.  But that's not really the case as I've spring cleaned everywhere, de-cluttered, met up with friends and family, taken the boys out, crocheted my fingers to the bone, listened to books, even read some actual books, sat out in the sun and most importantly relaxed.

My last week off saw me

Supervising the menfolk putting up the last section of fencing.  It's turning out to be a bigger job then we thought.   I was a lovely day for it.  Just look at that sky.

Re-scheduling my blood donors appointment as I had no paperwork.  I'm hoping that the new form arrives today as I'm due to go on Wednesday.

Finding a new Slimming World group as, Craig, my old consultant, left to take up a new job in Leeds.  I now go to Mike at 7.30am on a Saturday!!  He seems very nice and the group was really busy, despite the start time.

Having coffee with friends before we all start back at work today.  It was good to catch up with them both and find out how their summer had been.

Doing one last minute, spring clean before squeezing it all into my day off or weekend.

Starting a new blanket.  This time I'm stash busting and don't need to buy any more wool.

Probably going back to one post a week.  It's much easier to plan my posts when I'm off all week.  Working full time, I don't want to spend too much time on my laptop, when I get home, as I've been looking at a screen all day.

Only six weeks to go until the October holidays :0)


  1. That doesn't sound like you've wasted six weeks at all - all very important jobs. Looking forward to seeing what the new blanket is like - I'm still doing the Made by Anita Scandi one and finding the last few leaf squares a bit tedious - I think I just want to get on with the border!

    1. You sound like me. Happy to start a blanket but impatient to get to the border :0) Looking forward to seeing the end result.

  2. You've had a busy summer. I can't wait to see the finished fence. I certainly understand about looking at a screen all day. Always good to pace yourself.

    1. Our back garden fence is definitely a work in progress. There always seems so many other things that need doing. The joy of buying a house that needs remodeling from top to bottom. Still. One room at a time.


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