40 years Ago........

I can't believe I'm typing the fact, that 40 years ago today, I left home (at the tender age of 17) and went off to join the Royal Air Force.  

31 October 1983.  Youth Training Scheme number 2.  Royal Air Force Hereford.

I got on the train at Liverpool Lime Street station, headed for Hereford.  The only thing I knew was, I had to change at Crewe and I'd be met at Hereford station.

After six weeks of learning all about the RAF, weapons, PE, marching and drill we "Passed Out".  Not literally but you know what I mean. 

I can't remember what our Corporal's name was, but she was scary!!
ETA - Her name was Wendy Fitzhugh.  Thank you Face Book for the info.

After basic training I went back to Hereford for my Admin training, where I spent another 6 weeks.  My first posting was to RAF Cosford in Shropshire. 

I spent 13 years in the RAF altogether.

I suppose now I should do more posts about my time in the RAF.  Unfortunately some of my photos have gone AWOL so I only seem to have a few, and most of them are from pubs and bars!!  
Hmmm.  Lets see what I can come up with later.



  1. 17 years old is very young to leave home, how very brave of you. I do hop you can find more of your photos from this time.

  2. I seem to have lost the ones from Saudi, Las Vegas and Alaska but I will keep hunting.

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