Currently In October 2023

Time for another round up of Currently......

October finds me..... 

Reading - Not reading, but listening to the end of Beyond the Wand by Tom Felton, to be followed by Chickens, Mules and Two Old Fools by Victoria Twead, just because it was free on Audible and I liked the title.

Watching - All Creatures Great & Small on UK Channel 5, Welcome to Wrexham Series 2 on Disney +, The Wilderness on Amazon Prime and waiting for Lessons in Chemistry to start on Friday on Apple TV+.

Wondering - Why Facebook insists on putting up posts about hairstyles, we over 50s should avoid.  Apparently we shouldn't have long hair, or straight hair, then on the other hand shouldn't have short spiky hair.  We shouldn't have our hair all cut one length in a bob or have it short at the back and long at the front.  Says who??  Who writes these things?  Ladies.  Wear your hair however you want and ignore the idiots that tell you otherwise.

Wearing - My winter boots and short skirt.  It's my go to autumn/winter outfit and I'll be in it until about March

Booking - Tickets for next years Great Yorkshire Show.  All the Air BnB are filling up already so I'm on the hunt for somewhere new. 

And that's about it for this month.  Same time next month?


  1. I did smile about your comment about hairstyles - so true! I keep considering going quite a bit shorter but I know that once I go short, I'll probably not get it back to this length again for a long time - decisions, decisions!

    1. I know the feeling. I think you get to a point where you think, I like it, I can manage it and any change might be too much hard work :0)

  2. Please tell me what you think of Chickens, Mules and Two Old Fools the title is very interesting. I haven't read anything all summer.


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