It's fall Ya'll

Nine years ago, when we first got out to Texas, our lovely realtor, Nancy took me under he wing and took me on a tour of the Fall Homes.  They were absolutely stunning and totally out of out price range, but the decorations were amazing.

This year I thought I'd have a go at a few decorations for the living and dining rooms.  Less is more for me when it comes to decorations but I like how they turned out.

Most of the decorations came from Shein, the cheapy online shop that sells everything.

The only two exceptions were the crochet pumpkins I made.  The green one in the dining room 

And the orange one in the living room. 

The ones on the coffee table are placed around the tea light holder that hubby made out of an old whisky barrel stave. 

I think they turned out OK.


  1. I think your decorations are brilliant & you have made a beautiful display. I really like your crocheted pumpkins especially the two tone brown/orange one. We do decorate for Autumn & Thanksgiving. This year I found online, two pillow covers for the sofa, that have water colour like pumpkins in shades of cream & greys.

    1. I do like the idea of decorating throughout the year, but it's where to keep it all afterwards that's the problem :0)


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