Me on a Monday - 23 October 2023

Woo Hoo!!  It was the last week of term.  A busy one as usual but with a twist at the end.  More about that later.

Our heating came on for the first time the other morning.  It's been so mild here recently, that we haven't needed it on yet.  If it gets chilly at night we just get one, of the many, crochet blankets and snuggle under those.  Hubby of course is nice and warm as he has two labradogs lying on him!!  Tut, tut to him, for having his feet on the table!!

This last week has seen me digging out jumpers and layering for work.

We ordered the wood for the shed and it arrived on Friday.  The downstairs loo is on hold for now.  You can't see the decking for wood at the moment, but the loft is floored and we have a new loft ladder, so we're still moving forward.

We had a family wedding invite, which was lovely.  It's not till next May but I'm already wondering about dresses and shoes.  I may have already started dress shopping :0)

I have been slowly sorting through the boxes from the loft and have a few things to pass on to family.  Other bits and bobs have been recycled, as I wondered why I kept them in the first place, and some have been sold.  The photos will take longer as they are a  huge job!!

I feel like we're finally getting somewhere with the house.  It's one of those projects that you do as and  when you have the time, AND the money.

That's it for now.  I'm off to do some shredding and do a run to the tip.



  1. Your three boys look quite comfortable cuddled up together. I often have two cats in my lap to keep me cosy & warm. You have lots of projects on the go & it is nice to be working through many of them to make your house your home. A wedding to anticipate, which is always a good reason for a new dress.. something frothy & fancy?

  2. I may have bought a dress that is a little bit floaty!!


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