Me on a Monday - 30 October 2023

It was half term week and I had quite a few jobs planned initially.  Unfortunately after last weeks episode I felt really washed out.  I had a day where I stayed in bed most of the morning, which is not like me at all.  I pottered around the house, tidying things away.  I caught up on the ironing and emptied the rest of the boxes.

I also went to see the Dr to find out what comes next.  I was worried about driving, as if the pain happens again, as suddenly as it did last time, I would probably end up in an accident.  The Dr upped my medication to two a day which should control the pain and hopefully last weeks episode won't happen again.  I'm OK to drive which is a huge relief.

ETA.  I had to phone the Dr again this morning and he is now going to refer me for an MRI scan to find out exactly what is causing the pain.  Fingers crossed it won't be too long till I get an appointment.

Hubby started taking the old chimney down off the roof.  He borrowed a roof ladder from our lovely neighbours and started chipping away at it on Saturday morning.  Once the bit on the roof was done and the tiles were fitted he started taking the bit down in the loft and then after that, he took the bit down in the spare bedroom.  The last bit was the best bit, as, the chimney in the spare room made the wall unusable as it was slap bang in the middle.  Now we have to decorate that room.

We went and ordered a carpet for the spare room, so we have to get it finished before they come to fit it. And also before December as my friend is coming to stay and that's her room :0)

I checked out some of the new Land Rovers whilst we were waiting for ours to have a service.  I think at £180,000.00 I'll just be looking !!!!

I was out with friends on Friday as two of them had a little Halloween party.  It was a really good night and Miss S is a great cook and did a wonderful buffet.  I was designated driver and ended up taking several tipsy ladies home :0)

And finally the boys are happy sleeping outside (or inside if they get the chance) hubby's office whilst he's working.  That's good for me as I can get on with things downstairs without tripping over them every two minutes :0) Please excuse the nasty carpet.  It's on my list of things to get rid of.  And the wall has since been painted!!



  1. I like the photo of the boys, so cute. Taking down a chimney is a big job, great that your husband can tackle that sort of work. More decorating (yeah/nay!?) Sending positive energy that you get your MRI appt. quickly to get to the bottom of the pain.

  2. Your positive energy worked as I have an appointment on 13 November :0)


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