Me on a Tuesday - 3 October 2023

Somebody had a birthday last week and it was a lovely day.  It started with a rainbow on the way to work, lots of cards and messages from friends and family, presents at work and home and a free treat from Costa coffee.  I chose carrot cake at the weekend. 

Exercise wise I did Tai Chi, Line dancing and went to the gym.

I went to the hairdressers to get my roots done and it only cost me £2.00, as the rest was covered by a voucher I had for my birthday from the lovely folk at work.

I had my nails done and got them cut shorter.  I just can't type properly if they are too long.

We were supposed to get stormy weather during the week but it never came.  We had a few dreich days but it was still decidedly warm.

It was our 28th wedding anniversary on Friday so we did a joint anniversary/birthday celebration and went out for meal on Saturday with the young man.  The restaurant sent me a voucher for a free starter, main and dessert so I couldn't say no.  It was a lovely meal, as always, and I'll look forward to the next voucher :0)

I did some more crochet and made a duck for one of the ladies at work, two pumpkins and started a Christmas gnome.

There was also more fencing put up.  It's funny how changing one old fence for a new one, can make the garden look so much bigger.  Next on the garden upgrade is a new shed followed by artificial lawn.

Hubby made the decision to decorate the downstairs loo (half bath).  I will be glad when all the pipework is hidden away.

And so ends another busy week in the Lee household.  How was yours?



  1. Happy Belated Birthday & Anniversary wishes. I think gift vouchers are some of the best gifts, that way you get what you want and/or need. That is a great photo of you & your son.

  2. Thank you. The young man doesn't like having his photo taken, so any I get are a bonus.


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