Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt 2023 - Part 3


It's the last link up for this year and many thanks, again to Mary Lou for hosting.

2023 Summer Scavenger Hunt / Search Ideas

1. A Plant/Tree With Thorn(s)
2. A  Wordless Directional Sign
3. Something Netted or Webbed
4. Something Berry Berry Delicious
5. A Bridge
6. A School
7. Something That Dangles
8. Some Shadows
9. A Crack or Pothole in The Road or Sidewalk
10. A White Flower(s)
11. Extraordinary Water 
12. Summer Tools
13. A Sold or For Sale Sign (not necessarily a house)
14. Something That Rolls

Alternate A: Your Favourite Summer Taste
Alternate B: Your Choice

1.  A plant or tree with thorns - Didn't get this one :0(

7.  Something that Dangles - A pair of ear-rings. 

12.  Summer Tools - Everything I needed to weed the garden.

13.  A Sold or For Sale Sign (not necessarily a house) - forgot about this one!!

14. Something that Rolls - A 1935 Steam Roller we saw at the Cheshire Country and Game Fair.

Alternate A: Your Favourite Summer Taste - Sometimes, during the hot days, I liked a little something different, so gave Elvis a try.

Alternate B: Your Choice - Rainbows over the windmill, on a wet walk with the boys.


  1. Liz thank you for joining in with the 2023 SPSH. Elvis Juice? is that a fruity flavour? Nice one of the rainbow.

    1. Elvis is a grapefruit infused IPA and was very tasty, and cold on a hot day.

  2. That rainbow photo is gorgeous - what a find! That steam roller definitely fills the 'something that rolls' category!

    1. I was so happy when I found the steam roller. It definitely covers the rolling item.


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