Currently in November 2023

Listening to - A Paris Affair by Anton du Beke - 

In the darkest days of war, a stranger will change everything.

Paris, 1926. A young dancer Ray Cohen arrives from London to compete at the Exhibition Paris. He is led astray by Hugo, a charismatic dancer born of the streets, who introduces him to the city's nightlife and a dazzling stranger called Hannah Lindt.
London, 1941. With the heroic Raymond de Guise away fighting in North Africa, his beloved wife Nancy must balance her new position - as Head of Housekeeping at the Buckingham Hotel - with life as a new mother to their child. As the war rages on, a charismatic stranger from Raymond's past arrives at Nancy's doorstep, asking for work at the Buckingham Hotel.

As dark secrets rise to the surface, the very heart of the Buckingham Hotel is under threat. Will tragedy strike?

Reading - Requiem for a Wren by Neville Shute.  I found this in a box of mum's things in the loft.  It was printed in 1956.  I don't think we read it as children but I thought I'd give it a go now.

Alan Duncan returns to Australia after the war and several years of study in England. But his homecoming is marred by the mysterious suicide of his parents’ quiet and reliable parlour-maid. A search through her belongings in search of clues leads to heartbreaking revelations about the woman’s identity, the death of Alan’s brother Bill, and, above all, the disappearance of his brother’s fiancée.

Watching - We have finished The Long Shadow on ITV, all about Peter Sutcliffe.  The Yorkshire ripper.  Hubby was shocked when he realised it was so close to home for him, as he worked in Sheffield at the time.  I watched The Reckoning on BBC (hubby didn't want to watch it).  All about Jimmy Saville, who we thought was brilliant when we were kids but didn't realise how deranged he was.  Just disgusting, and he didn't see he was doing anything wrong!!

Wondering - How our fur boys have any fur left, when most of it is on the kitchen floor!!

Wearing - Jumper and jeans when not at work and jumpers and trousers/skirts when at work!!  Pretty standard for me, this time of year.

Booking - The Great Yorkshire show is all booked.  Airbnb and time off work.  I just need to update our membership.

Making - I am continuing with my Sophie's Universe blanket.  She's going to be a weighty one when she's finished.  I've only done the middle section and she already weighs a ton.

Back next month.



  1. Beautiful colours of Sophie's Universe blanket. You have lots of reading/listening going on right now. I hear you about the amount of hair/fur everywhere but on them. My wardrobe accessory is mainly cat fur.

  2. Such a lovely, intricate blanket 😊 Deb

  3. That blanket is a treasure. I've never heard of Jimmy Saville. He sounds like a real peach. Thanks for the book review. I start reading more in the winter and am always open to recommendations.


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