Me on a Monday - 13 November 2023

It was a pretty quiet week work wise.  Some weeks are like that and some are totally hectic.  I spent a little while sorting out the items for the children's Christmas Crafts session at the end of November and beginning of December. They are doing five items each and they all need to be put in individual bags!!

I had a blood test during the week and had to also see the dentist.  It's all part of the ongoing investigations for my ailment!!

We had a few sunny days but it was mainly wet and dreich.  Probably the best kind of weather to be stripping wallpaper in the spare room.

Saturday morning, after the Slimming World weigh in, I popped down to Starbucks for my first Gingerbread Latte of the season.  A lot of people won't like this, but I'm glad that Pumpkin Spice lattes are no longer on the menu.

On Friday night Hubby and I went to Carr Farm garden center for their first Christmas evening.  There were lots of trees and decorations, but they were all a little overpriced.  I ended up with an owl decoration (like the one in the center of the photo) and a bottle of Christmas Spice oil to put in my oil burner.  I saw a tree I liked and took a photo of it.  I checked it out on-line and managed to get it £140 cheaper!!

And that was another week over and done with.  Only five more Me On Monday's to go before Christmas Day :0)



  1. Only five more Mondays! Oh I hadn't thought of it that way, I was still in the 'it's not until next month' frame of mind!

  2. I like your owl decoration, if I've spotted the correct one (col). In these parts of the world, now that Remembrance Day is over, Christmas makes it's approved appearance rather quickly in all the stores. Let's hope that all these appointments lead to some resolution to the what, why & fix. Only Five more Mondays ... the count down is on! :)


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