Me on a Monday

And here we are.  Another week closer to Christmas.  I can't believe how quickly the last four weeks of term have gone.  This week we start our first Christmas crafts session with the children and their parents!!  How can that be?

That's part of what I did last week.  I made an angel out of a paper plate and cut out 64 antlers to stick on our cardboard reindeer.  Photos to follow :0)

I bought some roses in the super market as they were on special offer.  Also for my mum, who's 80th birthday would have been next Sunday.  Beautiful yellow roses.

I've ordered some Christmas presents and also the wrappings to go with them.  I'm sure it gets harder each year to decide what to buy.

I've finished making one Christmas Gnome for one friend and have almost finished the second.  That one almost met a wet and soggy death when Innes took it out of my crochet bag and started nibbling the hat.  Luckily I caught him just as he stole it, so no harm done.  Innes did look very sheepish for a while, but we're friends now. 

I arranged a pre Christmas catch up with my Auntie.  Who knew it would be so difficult to find a date to go for coffee.  We both seem to be so busy at the moment.

I met my cousin in the super market and had a quick catch up.  We decided it was about time we got together, so we're planning on doing something over Christmas.

I seemed to spend all day Friday trying to get staff for this week, as we have people off sick and others out on courses.  Plus I had to check we had enough staff for the school trip to Chester Zoo next Friday. I think we have almost every child going so it will be an interesting day.

The weekend was spent papering the spare room before starting to paint.  The carpet comes on the 4th December and I'll be so glad when it's finished.

We also took the boys out for a play, on a field that is owned by a friend of ours.  They had a great time and I broke in my new wellies.

And that was it for the week.  Until next time.



  1. Oh how I remember the difficulties of organising school trips - you always need to have a contingency plan up your sleeve for last minute problems. The whole school? Make the most of the peace and quiet while they are gone!

    1. We're taking the quiet time to organise all the presents that Santa will be delivering to the children on the last day!! Wish us luck. Ha Ha.

  2. Beautiful yellow roses. Oh naughty Innes, but thankfully a rescue of the gnome before it was chewed through. Catch up with family at Christmas is sometimes because of time & busyness a miracle of sorts (col). Your crafting with the school families sounds fun but a lot of prep work.

    1. The first lot of children and parents had a great time, but yes it is a lot of prep. I'm already thinking of things to do for the Easter crafts!! The gnome is fine and thanks you for your concern :0)


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