Me on Monday - 18 December 2023

Covid is in da house!!  Again!! and our trip to Norfolk postponed.  My brother in law has come down with the lurgy and obviously doesn't want to spread it around before Christmas so we find ourselves with a free weekend.  No decorating or house repairs.  

It's the first in a long time so we popped into Liverpool and did some Christmas shopping and had a pre-Christmas cocktail and bite to eat.

Last week also saw..............

1.  Hubby and I going to see G4 at Chester Cathedral.  Hubby said (moaned) that it was cold and the chairs were too hard but did enjoy the show.  He said that next time we saw them he would like a more comfortable seat!!

2.  Me having a hair cut.  I was going to grow it for a wedding next year but it was getting on my nerves so I had my old length cut back in.

3.  My decorations, made by my cousins company Black Sheep Crafts Company, arriving.  My uncle dropped them round for me and they are already on the tree.  They are available on Facebook and Instagram at the moment until their website is set up.

4.  S sending me a picture of the tree he made at work.  Looks pretty cool.

5. The usual dog training and accompanying Starbucks gingerbread latte.

6.  The usual laundry and housework.

7.  The starting of a wedding blanket.

Last week of term coming up then two weeks off. Yipeeeee


  1. You can now see the end of term rushing towards you and I know all too well how well deserved those two weeks are for school office staff!
    Sorry to hear your plans were scuppered by 'you know what' but it looks like you filled the unexpected free time well.

  2. Hopefully all in your BiL's house recovery quickly. Looks like you are having lots festive outings. S's tree is quite an imaginative creation. Cute ornaments. Happy Christmas.


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