Things I have learned this year

Don't take your health for granted.

Slowing your life down is great for your well-being and health.  Everything these days is done at 100 miles an hour.  It's nice to take time each day to slow your mind and body.

Getting out into a green space is the best medicine.

Innes and Blue

I get a lot of joy from our two furry boys.  They don't need anything from me except love and they give that back ten fold.

Having a laugh with friends really is just what the doctor ordered.

Line dancing is good for your memory.

Crochet really does keep me sane.

Saying yes to more things is a good thing.

Here's to finding new things to learn in 2024.


  1. All excellent lessons. Wishing you & yours a very happy New Year, along with joy, happiness & good health in 2024.

  2. Totally agree - hope that 2024 is a good year for you and your family!


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