Currently on a Monday - 15 January 2024

I missed this months 'Currently' so thought I'd add it in to Me on Monday.  Now I'm back at work I don't tend to blog much.  Too much screen time in one days turns my head to mince!!

Let see what's on the blog this week.

Listening to - DCI Ryan mysteries by L J Ross on Audible.  I got a free one that was written after the original 20 in the series and with it being a crime novel I thought I'd give it a go.  That lead to me getting books one to three, which are a series in themselves, and continue from the freebie.  I'm not sure if I'll get the other 17 as I think it might be crime overload :0)

Whilst doing all this listening I've been
Making I have been asked to make a blanket as a wedding present, and whilst I wasn't too keen on the pattern when I first started, I'm now in full swing.  I think there are 43 squares of differing sizes to get through but they grow quickly so I'm making good progress.  I need to get this blanket out of the way so I can start a baby blanket I've been asked to make for April.  I think I'm going to be busy!!

Watching - When not crocheting I've been watching Mr Bates vs the Postoffice - OMG the Post office should be ashamed.  It's the biggest scandal in British history.  Hundreds of Sub postmasters were accused, and charged with fraud and theft.  Many of them going to prison and some even committed suicide.  One man who died only lived 15 miles from here so it was all a little too close to home. Since the show aired a parliamentary inquiry has started, and not before time.  If you can get in iPlayer or Brit Box I urge you to watch it.  

We are still hooked on The Traitors too and I hate having to wait from Friday to Wednesday to find out who got murdered :0)  I'm not sure if there is a US version, but if there is I hope you're watching it.

Wondering- I have an appointment back at the hospital next week and I'm wondering if I will hear about my surgery.  When I saw the nurse three months ago she said that when I was back this month, she would phone the surgical team and find out whereabouts on the list I am.  It's been nine months so far and they said anytime between twelve and eighteen.  Fingers crossed for some time soon.

Wearing - The weather lately has been so up and down.  One day it's minus degrees and time for thick jumpers and woolly scarves and next it's wet and windy and time for waterproofs and boots.  It's still definitely time for winter woollies, plus wellies when out with the boys.

and finally

Hoping - That all you lovely bloggers will continue blogging.  I don't catch up with you every day but I do like to know that you're all well in your part of the world.


  1. Oh that cliffhanger at the end of the last episode of Traitors! Roll on Wednesday 😆
    We seem to be in the middle of a very cold snap here. It didn’t go above freezing all day. Some dog walks are easier to get motivated about than others
    Hope there’s soon news of a date for your surgery.!

    1. I know!! Did she take a sip or not? Oh Wednesday, hurry and get here :0)

  2. That last anonymous post was me!

  3. We don't have Traitors. Too bad, I think my husband would love it. Your quilt looks great. It must be a lot of work. Don't know how you will get it done and get a baby quilt by April. Hope you get something figured out with your surgery.

  4. You might get Traitors on Peacock if you have that channel. Season one was Jan 2023 and season two has just started.
    My blankets are crochet so grow a lot quicker. I definitely couldn't make two of your beautiful quilts by May!!

  5. The wedding quilt looks gorgeous so far. Yes fingers & all other possible crossable body parts that you get a surgery date soon. I have been following the Post Office Scandal - why did no one clue in that suddenly several thousand people are all committing fraud, unlikely; it is a more than just a shame, people lost their lives, lost their relationships, their reputation ... I'm hoping to get Toby's TV special. And isn't that awful that it takes a TV show to get an inquiry. I'll say no more. We are having cold alerts, so it's extra blankets, extra clothing items ... this morning (Tues) it is -26 (c) with the wind chill.

    1. I had the same thought about the post office. Surely they didn't think that over a thousand people were trying to de-fraud the PO at the same time!! Insane!!
      Brrrrrr! -26 (c). I hope you and Mr Man are managing to keep warm.


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