Happy 2024

 Happy New year one and all.  I hope you all had a festive time over the holidays.

Santa very kindly bought me Covid on Christmas day afternoon and I was a bit groggy for a few days, which meant we had a quiet time for our first week off.

Once I was feeling better I managed a few long walks with boys.  They do love to run about in any mud they can find, and my kitchen looks like a farmyard when they get back.  They do like to shake everywhere once they get in.  After a quick hose down in the garden they are good as new.  Until the next time!!

New Years Eve was very quiet and I was in bed by 10.30pm.  The rain was battering down so luckily there weren't many fireworks.  The boys were OK with the noise and didn't bark this time.  Gone are the days of going out partying on NYE and spending hours waiting on a taxi to take us home. 

First day on the new year saw me taking down the tree and tidying up the living room.  We seem to have less decorations each year so it doesn't take long.  It's all back to normality now and looks very clean and tidy.

I have a new crochet blanket under way.  This time a wedding one for May.  I also have been asked to do a baby blanket for April so I best get my skates on.

Hubby is back to work this week so I am taking the time to do the laundry and catch up with a huge pile of ironing.  I'm just so lucky.

It's back to work next Monday and I'm sure it will be a busy time from day one.

Happy New Year again.



  1. Oh Covid as a Christmas gift, let's hope it isn't one that keeps on giving! Trust that you are feeling better. I look forward to seeing your progress on both blanket creations. We take down Christmas this week/weekend. I struggle with the old adage of keeping things up until Epiphany, I just want that tidier feeling. Happy 2024.

    1. Feeling much better thank you. I hope you have a happy 2024.

  2. oooooh covid, what a drag!! i was sick for weeks but tested negative for covid every time. i think i had a very bad cold!! this is a good time to start a blanket and be done by may. hopefully you will have plenty of time and not have to rush!!

    we watched the ball drop on tv, it was very anticlimactic and we did not know any of the performers!!

    1. It makes me laugh that you didn't know any of the performers on TV. Hubby and I are like that when Strictly Come dancing ( Dancing with the stars) starts in September. We sit there and say 'Who?' Hope you're feeling better after your cold.

  3. I'm glad you are feeling better. My Mother-in-law is still struggling with long term effects from COVID. Take it easy, I hope the rest of the year is healthier.

  4. I hope your MiL is feeling better. Long Covid can be very debilitating.


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