Snow Day - 16 January 2024

"It will be wet overnight with temperatures getting warmer towards the middle of the week".  At least that's what the local weatherman said!!  I think they got it wrong.

Now I know it isn't 'proper' snow like you get in Canada and the USA, but for us it the 'white stuff' and it's a big deal.  It makes me laugh though, as, when we lived in Scotland, this would have been a normal winter's day.  In England everything comes to a standstill when we get 1cm of snow!!

So despite a gorgeous sunrise, the schools were closed and transport cancelled, all meaning our children would not be in today.  SNOW DAY.

What to do on an unexpected day off?  Why Easter Crafts of course.  We have two child and parent craft sessions coming up in March and I needed to look at things for the children to make.

Out came the wool, card and scissors and I made a pom pom chick.  Followed by the Easter Bunny.  The chick will be yellow but I only had green chunky wool so it had to do.

I now just have to think of three more things to make!!


  1. i loved snow days when my boys were little, a bonus day off!! you got just about the same amount that we did, not much!! that is a beautiful sunrise and those are great easter crafts for the kids!!

  2. The children are going to love making those! The snow is so pretty when it is freshly fallen but we all know that is followed by thawing snow turning to ice and slush - make the most of the pretty stage!

  3. Cute crafts. Snow does look pretty when it's all clean & the first snowfall, IMO, but after that it's just annoying (col).


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