Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Isn't this the most beautiful picture?  It was the public's choice in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year  People's Choice Awards.

Photographer Nima Sarikhani

There were 50,000 entries but only 100 were chosen by the judges.

All the photos are on display at the Natural History Museum in London until 30 June 24, but if you can't get there you can see them all here.

There are some that I absolutely love, some I can't make out what they are and some I really don't like due the subject of the photo.

If you go and have a look, what do you think?


  1. The first 20 or so are amazing. The site should come with a warning of graphic content.

  2. There are some amazing photos there but I have to admit I couldn't look at them all.


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