I finally had my surgery last Thursday and all went well.  I stayed in hospital overnight but was back home and tucked up in my own bed by Friday afternoon.

I'm now recuperating for the next eight weeks.  The boys want to help, but they can be a little boisterous so I'm having to be careful.

I'm not allowed to do much for the first three weeks so I'm hoping to get all my crochet projects finished.  I've got lots of audio books to listen too and one or two programmes to catch up with.  I am also hoping to catch up with my blog reading.

Catch up with you all soon.



  1. good to hear that things went well. wishing you a speedy recovery. knitting or crocheting is such a great way to keep busy and pass the time!!

  2. I’m pleased you have had your surgery and have now begun the resting and recuperating stage. A crochet project or two will certainly help you pass the time. Get well soon.

  3. I'm glad things went well. Enjoy your recovery and don't let those pups talk you into trouble.

  4. Sending lots of healing vibes your way. The boys sitting staring at you is so cute of them. Enjoy the catching up on your crocheting :)


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