Recuperating - Week 2

I am totally fed up not being able to do much.  I am only allowed to go for walk and make a drink for the first three weeks.  Although I did manage to do some sock rolling. :0)  After that I can do little things, but no heavy lifting or aerobic activity until at least September.

I'm still on painkillers but only as required so things are looking up.

My lovely friend Miss D came to visit and we had a nice time catching up.  She's coming to pick me up next week to take me for coffee.  It will be nice to get out, as I also can't drive for six weeks.

I went with hubby to the local DIY store but was so tired afterwards I had to have a quick nap on the sofa!! 

The mind is willing but the body is weak!

This week I watched -

Pilgrimage: The Road Through North Wales - BBC2Seven celebrities of differing faiths and beliefs experience an emotional journey on a pilgrimage in North Wales, a route linked by churches dedicated to early Celtic Christian saints.  

It was really good.  I wasn't sure who most of the "celebrities" were but it was a good series.

Foyles War - ITVAs World War II rages on, criminals try to take advantage of the resulting chaos. In Hastings, they aren't having much luck, thanks to Detective Chief Superintendent Christopher Foyle. As Foyle's son Andrew, a fighter pilot in the RAF, fights the enemy at war, Foyle battles the black market, profiteering and murder on the home front. He is dogged in his pursuit of justice, honest to a fault and frequently underestimated by his opponents. 

I used to watch this with mum, in Texas, when she wasn't well.  It's one of those feel good programmes that you can have on in the background and still crochet at the same time.

Crochet - One baby blanket finished and one monkey started.

And that's another week over.  I still haven't caught up on my blog reading but I will get around to it at some point.  Hope you're all well.



  1. Oh I like Foyles War, such a fantastic series. I'll see if I can find that Pilgrimage Through Wales, sounds very interesting. That is a lot of pretty socks to roll. Thank goodness for crocheting. Recovery is slow but your body has been through a major surgery, being a patience patient will play well to the end results; there that's it for my wisdom. Thankfully spring is in full swing so your walks should be seeing the prettiest season unfold :)

  2. I'm enjoying Pilgrimage too - it feels like you don't need to know who the people are to enjoy it. It seems that they are all going to get something out of the experience and the scenery in Wales is spectacular.
    Don't be too impatient in getting back on your feet - slowly but surely is the best way to heal! Follow doctors orders and I hope you continue to feel a little stronger every day.


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