A day out


the Teenager and I took the train through to Aberdeen as he had an orthodontic appointment.

We travelled past hills that still had a lot of snow on them.

We spent a while looking for some new jeans.  Not easy to find a 29" waist with a 34" inside leg.  It seems if you have long legs you should have a big waist!!!  Luckily for me the Teenager is not into brands or expensive clothing.  He likes what he likes and if it only cost £8 then so be it (I've taught him well).  We ended up in Primark where we managed to get 1 pair of normal jeans and 2 pairs of coloured.  He's happy, I'm happy and I'm glad I don't have to take him shopping again for a long time.  He's a fussy person to buy for lol :0)

We went for his appointment and were in there 10 minutes but left with the good news that his fixed brace can come off at the next available appointment.  Unfortunately as there were no spaces left for next week he's having to wait until May as I can't get the time off work to take him any sooner and he'll be in the middle of his exams.  He's pleased as that's a whole 6 months earlier than thought.  He'll have to wear a retainer for a while but it won't be long till there will be no more 5 hour trips for 10 minutes appointments.
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We had lunch in Pizza Hut in Union Square where the Teenager actually had a conversation with his mother.  I know.  Who knew that teenagers could speak to their parents with out the embarrassment factor?  We had a laugh about some of the clothes we'd seen today and decided what we would do for the 4 hours in between his appointments next time we come through.  He also managed to eat his 14" pizza in record time so we could get the earlier train home.
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All in all it was a good day and it's nice to know that I'm not too embarrassing to be seen out with :0)


  1. Sounds like you had a good day out - it's such a relief when those braces come off and Emily was like Samuel and got hers taken off earlier than expected.
    I seem to remember this was about the age when my son became more human again and started talking to us once more ;) Once again they become the fantastic young men we always knew they were. xx

  2. So glad you had a good day out! And grats on the early removal of the braces. :)

  3. So homesick for this train journey! I used to do it often from Elgin when I was a student in Aberdeen.

    Good luck with the braces - it can be a long haul. 19 year old daughter just got hers off a few weeks ago - tho she got them late, so it seemed longer than it was. But going to your S6 ball and then first semester balls at university with braces wasn't a lot of fun - so we were told in no uncertain terms!

    Enjoy the cheaper period while it lasts. My son was like that for ages and then as soon as he went to uni he got a taste for expensive clothes. I suppose it's better spending his (our) money on that than alcohol.

    Was amazed at your photos of Union Square. It hadn't been invented when I left Aberdeen.


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