Me on a Monday - 5 April 2021

It's the first week of the Easter Holidays and it's been a busy one.

Monday - Started my Spring Clean by blitzing the dining room and lounge.  Everything got pulled out, skirtings got cleaned, surfaces were dusted and things that "I'll just keep in case" were gone through and recycled.  I moved the furniture about a bit and now the dining room looks much brighter. 

Went to get my 2nd COVID jab.  All done in 25 minutes.  Again the staff were amazing and had the whole process down to a fine art.

Tuesday - It was the kitchen's turn today and everything from the floor to the windows sills were cleaned. We don't use a lot of oil (mainly Frylight) since we started following Slimming World a few years back, but it's amazing how there can be a layer of grease on everything.  Does anyone else have the same problem?  Maybe we need to upgrade the extractor fan.  

I managed to book tickets for Chester Zoo.  They open again on April 12th and we have tickets for the following weekend.  So excited as they have a new baby giraffe called Albert.

Wednesday - We headed over to Derbyshire for my father-in-laws funeral.  It was a lovely service and one he would have loved.  Everyone who spoke about him had a lovely story to tell and you could tell that he was also a much loved member of the village.  Everyone at the service was given an album of his time in Norfolk and some seeds to plant to remember him.  Were there hugs for the family?  That's not for me to say.  It was a long and emotional day.

Thursday - We went to the the local garden centre to get some compost and seed trays.  No use having a green house if you don't make use of it.  We also bought some plants and tidied up the front garden.

Friday - Time to tidy up the spare, spare room as we like to call it.  It hasn't been used much in the last 18 months but I keep my wool supplies in there and every now and again stuff gets dumped in there before it gets put away.  I bet I'm not the only one who has a place like that.

Booked National Trust tickets for Tatton Park next weekend.  They are nearly fully booked already so I was lucky to get the times I did.

Planted my seeds, along with green beans and Sweet Peas.

Saturday - A bit of a down day on Saturday.  It wasn't something I could put my finger on.  I sat and listened to Audible and did my crochet, pottered around the garden and spoke to Hubby's mum later in the day.  Hubby did a curry for tea and I had an early night.

Sunday - A long walk at Thurstaston was just the ticket on Sunday.  It blew the cobwebs away and I felt much better than Saturday.  It's true that a bit of fresh air and greenery can lift the spirits.  Roll on the day that we live somewhere more green.

I finished my Hugs and Kisses blanket and just have to block it out so it keeps its shape.  I just need to decide what to make next.

Here's hoping that next week is a good week.



  1. I am glad you were able to gather with family to comfort your MiL. What relief that you got your 2nd jab. In Britain are they still advising against gathering (indoors particularly) & that you should still be wearing a mask? In Canada, those that have had a second jab, are mostly seniors living in either retirement residences or Long Term Care homes (LTC) along with most health care works. They are still told, no gathering outside of your household & wear a mask. How wonderful that you have tickets for some outings. We started another 28 day shutdown on the 3rd. I guess I'll be following your lead & do some spring cleaning.

  2. We still have to social distance and wear masks and will do for quite a while I feel. We can have gatherings, outside only, of 6 people (all socially distanced) or two households (no limit on numbers). The Prime Minister is on TV tonight with the next steps for the country. I'm hoping that some businesses can open again as they are really struggling at the moment. I'm looking forward to venturing out again but I'll be honest and say, I'm a bit nervous at the same time.

  3. I am pleased that the funeral went well, it must be so hard to organise something like that during this time, but it sounds as if you had a nice service and were able to share some happy memories.
    How nice to have some outings planned, that's something on my to do list for next week. Anglesy Abbey is nearby and also Hyde Hall Gardens and we plan to visit both at some point. I need to check the weather forecasts first! Isn't it nice to think of places opening up and being able to actually go out for the day?

  4. Hubby's sister did a great job organising the funeral and it was lovely to see family even if it was at such a sad occasion. I'm just a little bit excited about going to the zoo to see the new baby giraffe. I just hope it warms up before then :0)

  5. you place looks very sparkly, clean and tidy, i prefer the uncluttered look!! it's so nice when people can tell personal stories at a funeral, short, happy stories...i know it is not easy!!

    we are going to try to get to the Philadelphia zoo in pa. outside activities are safe and this time of year is the perfect weather!

  6. I'm a "Less is More" kinda person. I don't mind if upstairs gets a bit messy but I do like the lounge to be tidy. Just in case visitors drop in. Silly me. We're not allowed to do that are we :0) :0)


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